My best songs

book of rules (reagge)

this is love( bob marley)

when i was your man (bruno mars)

wrecking ball (miley cyrus)


Free writting:)

In the weekend me and my family went to the KFC.Before we went there, we invited our cousins to come for my sisters birthday.Me and my siblings were so dissapointed because it was only suppose to be just me,my Brothers and Sisters and my parents.My dad told us to get ready before we go there.My cousins followed behind our car so instead of just sitting in the car doing nothing,My mum turned on songs from her phone.The song that was on was pink and fun singing just give me a reason.When we got there,my cousins parent and my parent payed.It was big inside there and it had stairs for people to eat but downstairs was for people to pay.Me and my cousins and siblings went upstairs to wait.When they finished paying they came with the KFC on the table.My aunty brought the fizzy drinks and the cups.Later on,when we finished eating,we drank the drinks.Me and my cousin went downstairs to get some ice and put it in our fizzy drink.After that when we finished everything we had,we went back home.When we got there,we went to sleep.